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In this section we’ll help you take your first steps as an open source developer in one of our many Apache project communities. As an all-volunteer run organization, Apache and the many Apache projects rely on people like you stepping up to help out.

First Contributions

The more you give the more you get out.

It’s natural to assume that, as a newcomer, you have little to offer the ASF. However, you will be surprised at how much you can help, even now.

Since we aim to be a place for newcomers to learn about the ASF as a whole and you are (probably) a newcomer, any feedback you can give or unanswered questions you can ask us here will help us improve what we offer to those who come after you. Our etiquette tips can help you write emails that will get some answers.

You can provide feedback on this website and ask questions about anything Apache by subscribing to our mailing list. Send an email to Once subscribed you can send your questions or feedback to