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If you have a question about anything Apache, the ComDev project is here to help.
To help us help you, try to direct your question to the right mailing list - our volunteer committers do all their work on mailing lists.

Community Questions

Email questions about community or issues across multiple Apache projects to - or see our detailed Mailing List How To page.

Technical Questions

If you have a technical question about this website, or one of the tools that the ComDev project builds, email us at dev@community.

If you technical question about any other Apache project, email the appropriate list, or the dev@ list for the project.

Non-Technical Questions

Each of Apache’s email lists is privately archived: you can mail to them, and we’ll answer, but you won’t be able to read the archives.


Issues regarding trademarks, specific project names, or branding of the ASF and any projects: see our Trademark Site Map, or send email to

Publicity and Marketing

Issues dealing with publicity, marketing, or any inquires from the press or analysts: see our Press Team Page, or email to

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Questions about fundraising, sponsorships, donations, or related finances: see our Donations Information, or email to

Send specific legal questions that may need to be private, and require a response from the ASF’s legal counsel to

Please read our Legal FAQs first.


For more information on these and other foundation lists, see the Mailing Lists page.