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If you’re an Apache committer, and you’re interested in speaking about Apache Technologies, Apache Projects or the Apache Software Foundation as a whole, we’d encourage you to get involved and list yourself in our speaker application!

Finding Speakers

If you are organising an event and looking for speakers, please see the Apache Speakers homepage for details.

Listing yourself as a Potential Speaker

To list yourself as someone interested in being an Apache Speaker, there are two steps involved. The first is to create a FOAF file for yourself, including a couple of key pieces of information. The second is to list yourself in the speaking DOAP file.

Creating your FOAF file

Creating a FOAF file for yourself is very easy, assuming you don’t already have one available. Details on how to create a FOAF file, along with a handy wizard to guide you through the process, are available at .

When creating your FOAF file, as a potential speaker we do require you to include a few key bits of information. These are:

Listing yourself in the Speakers DOAP file

Now, if you haven’t already done so, checkout the committers directory from svn:

svn co

Edit local-outreach/ApacheSpeakers.rdf and add yourself in as a helper. If your FOAF file is in svn and showing up on, add in:

  <foaf:Person rdf:resource="urn:org:apache:[your username].rdf" />

If you have your FOAF file externally hosted, then the rdf:resource should point to the URL of the file.

For an apache committer with username “foo”, your entry would be one of:

   <foaf:Person rdf:resource="urn:org:apache:foo.rdf" />
   <foaf:Person rdf:resource="" />

Within 24 hours of committing your addition to
*local-outreach/ApacheSpeakers.rdf*, you should appear in the web
application as a potential speaker! Head over to 
a day later and check you're listed properly.