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If you are looking for speakers for an event, or are a speaker looking for materials, this is the place for you.

ASF branded events

If you are seeking to organise an ASF-branded event, you must ensure your activities conform to the Third Party Event Branding Policy.

Once you have verified you are in conformance, contact to get your event added to the events calendar.

Speakers on ASF topics

Our ASF volunteers page lists potential speakers for ASF-related topics. ASF committers are welcome to add their name there.

Speaker support materials

If you are creating your own slides, you will find the ASF Press Kit useful. It contains logos in various formats.

A few people have shared ASF related presentations for you.

If you have a slide deck under a permissive license that talks about ASF communities, best practices, or the like (i.e. one that is applicable to more than just one project at the ASF), please get in touch to suggest that we include your slides.

If you want to prepare a new presentation about any ASF project, feel free to start using ASF slide templates.

Speaker coaching and mentoring

The ComDev committee provides several types of speaker coaching for speakers at events related to ASF projects and topics:

This is staffed by a number of volunteers with varying availability. If you want to take advantage of any of these services, please ask on the comdev mailing list.