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This is a place for collecting information about GSoC activities each year for historical tracking. Your help filling it out would be appreciated.

2023 Details

Contributor Project Mentors Status
Aibek [GSOC-242] Project proposal for Airflow Aizhamal, Pablo E Passed / Passed
aroura Introduce New CRD ShardingSphereChaos tuichenchuxin, Maxwell Miao Passed / Passed
chaminda-neluka GORA-708 Improve ArangoDB datastore and upgrade Hive and HBase dependencies Kevin Ratnasekera, Chanaka Passed / Passed
Chaomei Yan GSoC Implement python client for RocketMQ 5.0 Aaron Ai, RongtongJin Passed / Passed
Guan Wang Dubbo GSoC 2023 - Go Observability Improvement Albumen Kevin, Jun (+3) Passed / Passed
Guohan Ling Apache SkyWalking - Python Agent Performance Enhancement Plan Zhenxu Ke, Superskyyy Passed / Passed
Hiroki Chen Data Privacy Policy Definition and Function Verification for Teaclave Mingshen Sun, ya0guang Passed / Passed
infracop Add Apache Skywalking Terraform Module Zhenxu Ke, Superskyyy (+1) Passed / Passed
itsayushpandey Import-Export Instances on KVM Nicolas Vazquez, Alexandre Mattioli Passed / Passed
kanha-gupta ShardingSphere Enhance SQLNodeConverterEngine to support more MySQL SQL statements Trista Pan, Zhengqiang Duan (+1) Passed / Passed
Kunshuai Zhu ShenYu Gsoc2023 - shenyu-ingress-controller Yu Xiao, daming Passed / Passed
Praneeth Chityala Design and implementation of lifecycle management of the CyberShuttle agents SureshMarru, Dimuthu Passed / Passed
QinHaiqi shenyu-springcloud-plugin-e2e-testcase-proposal moremind, likeguo (+1) Passed / Passed
Saadat AI Code Completion for Apache Beam Java SDK. Pablo E Passed / Passed
Saurav Kumar Jha Dashboards to get quick statistics SureshMarru, Eroma Abeysinghe Passed / Passed
Shukun Zhang Apache EventMesh EventMesh official website docs by version and demo show Eason Chen, Mike Xue Passed / Passed
Siyang Tang Progressive Page Cache Improvement for Apache Doris Zaki Lu, Yongqiang Yang Passed / Passed
TheR1sing3un RocketMQ DLedger Controller Performance Optimization RongtongJin, nize Passed / Passed
trisha-melani GORA-709 Improve Geode datastore and upgrade Hadoop dependencies Kevin Ratnasekera, Chanaka Passed / Passed
Yixiang Zhao Apache EventMesh Optimize the event-bridge on EventMesh Eason Chen, Mike Xue Passed / Passed
yongshuai wang Dubbo GSoC 2023 - Development of Dubbo Admin Dashboard UI Pages Albumen Kevin, Jun (+1) Passed / Passed
Yukang Lian [GSoC][Doris]Dictionary Encoding Acceleration Chen Zhang, Zaki Lu Passed / Passed
AbdulrahmanElawady Varnish Cache support in Apache Traffic Control Eric Friedrich Passed / Passed
ani5rudh New Summary Statistics API for Java 8 streams Gilles, Alex Herbert (+1) Passed / Passed
Reeba Qureshi Building Apache Beam Notebooks for Real-World ML Use Cases Danny McCormick, Pablo E Passed / Passed
KartikS Configure NFS version for Primary Storage Nicolas Vazquez, Alexandre Mattioli Failed / -