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Proposal ranking phase 1

Google is sponsoring the 2022 Summer of Code and The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) [not yet] registered as a mentoring organization. This page is your entry point to the ASF GSoC program. Please watch this page for updates concerning our participating in 2022.

Students: read this

Applying for GSoC

Details are announced now and we are in the project discussion phase. We encourage you to discuss you application with the project community.

In order to apply we ask that you create

We also need you to let us know what other commitments you have for the period of GSoC, for example, do you have any exams or a part time job? In other words - sell yourselves, as if this was an actual job.

In drawing up your proposal you should work with your chosen projects community.

One of our evaluation criteria is that you have already engaged with the community to ensure that you understand the needs of the project and the commitment you need to make to your mentors.

Once open applications are made through the GSoC site

Application template

This is just a suggested template, feel free to add and remove sections as appropriate. Be brief, don’t write a large essay!

About me

What relevant experience have you got, including university, work and hobby activities?


What exists already? What is the identified need? What can you reuse, what needs to he replaced?

Example: Apache Foo has already got support for HTTP client requests, but this does not work well with OAuth-based services. The main interface for requests can be reused, but this project proposes to replace the backend code with a modular approach based on Apache Bar.

Design / description of work

Brief list of things you will do / create, in some rough chronological order.

Show which bits are essential, and which are optional. Highlight what is new, what are modifications, and how your work fits into the existing architecture.


Results for the Apache community

Benefit of your work to Apache $Project users and developers. What will be the legacy of your work after you finish?


Including milestones, components, documentation, tests.


Not too detailed, but some milestones and checkpoints. Rough estimates per work item (weeks/days). Remember to leave time for slack and bugfixing!

Other commitments

Exams, part time work, holidays, lectures.

Community engagement

In particular with Apache $Project, including project mailing lists, wikis, issue trackers, test systems.

This should show a rough understanding of working with open source communities. You should be engaged with the rest of the community both before coding start (e.g. to develop this proposal) and during the project.

Include any planned user testing, prototypes, code review.

Contacting the ASF

The ASF is not just one project, it is a federation of projects, see the lists at and Each of our projects has its own community of users, contributors and committers. GSoC students will usually be interacting with just one of these communities.

Each of the proposed subjects (link to be provided if we are confirmed as a mentoring organisation) applies to a single ASF project. You will need to engage with that project community.

Prospective ASF mentors: read this

We are looking for as many interesting projects as we can come up with. For more info about mentoring, please read our guide to being a mentor .

Prospective mentors must join the mailing list, this is where mentor specific issues are dealt with, and where announcements will be made. If you want to track the program administration you should subscribe to

Once the ASF is confirmed as a mentoring organisation mentors must register with the GSoC webapp, and request to become a mentor for the ASF organization. Make sure that the email address you use for that (it’s often your address by default) is ‘‘‘registered as a mail alias for your Apache account at (’’’ so that we can match it to your ASF account.

All ASF projects are invited to submit their ideas to their issue tracker, please be sure to add the labels “gsoc2022” and “mentor” so that we can automatically include them in our list of subjects. If your project does not use JIRA please contact

Size of project

Starting this year there are 2 types of projects available.
Please put "full-time" label for ~350 hours project and
"part-time" label for ~175 hours project

ASF GSoC 2022 Timeline

Below is a timeline of events for The Apache Software Foundation’s involvement in GSoC. Unless otherwise stated deadlines are 24:00 UTC on the date indicated.

Student Application and Selection

GSoC is underway

Wind down

Organization Vouching

The ASF currently has no policy establishing the criteria on what basis to vouch for another organization. Until one is established the ASF therefore doesn’t vouch for any organization.

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