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Top-level projects report to the board once a quarter, Incubator podlings usually monthly.

The ASF Board currently meets on the third Wednesday of every month, and projects need to report well in advance of that, as reports are reviewed before the meeting.

This page provides a simple template for board reports and should be read in conjunction with which contains additional information.

Reports need not be exhaustive, unless you are asking for assistance. Neither do they need any technical information since the board are only interested in project health. At the end of this page there is a template for board reports. First we’ll describe how some projects manage their board report during the quarter, however, like most things in the ASF projects are free to manage this process in any way they desire.

Board Report Template

Status report for the Apache $FOO project - $MONTH $YEAR

A couple of sentences about the purpose of the project; what the primary software product actually does.

Project Status

A sentence or two describing the current status of the project. Most importantly, highlight any issues that require board 
attention. This is the projects opportunity to ask for assistance from the board should there be any sticky issues that need 


A slightly more detailed look at the project community. It should still be brief, issues to think about include:

* When was the last committer voted in? [REQUIRED]
* When was the last PMC member added? [REQUIRED]
* Is the project community active? 
* Is the user community growing/shrinking? 
* Are there any legal, infrastructure, cross-project or personal issues that need to be addressed?
* Are issues on the user/developer list being addressed?

Community Objectives

This section indicates what the community considers to be its highest priorities for the coming quarter. This is only intended 
as a record of likely actions to address any issues the community may have. The project should not feel limited to (or by)
these objectives.

* What are the projects main plans and expectations for the community in the next period?


Have there been any releases from the project in the last quarter? [REQUIRED] If so, when? If not, when was the last release, and when is the next one likely to be made?