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The Spirit of Thanksgiving - 2017 China Open Source Conference (COSCon'17)

Published on Monday, Nov 27, 2017 by sharan

Article written by KAIYUANSHE. NOTE: There is a copy of the original article including all photos.

Special thanks to Ted Liu, Emily Chen, Biaowei Zhuang, Mabel Li, Rui Li, Jiansheng Li, Sting Chen, Cynthia Xin ( KAIYUANSHE COSCon'17 Steering Committee)

2017 China Open Source Conference-COSCon'17 successfully concluded

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2017 China Open Source Annual Conference-COSCon'17 which was held in November 18-19th in Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus concluded successfully. Following the successful holding of the 2015 Apache China Roadshow, and the 2016 China Open Source Conference-COSCon'16, the COSCon'17 was jointly organised and meticulously crafted by KAIYUANSHE, the first ground-up open source alliance in China, the Shanghai Branch of the China Computer Federation (CCF), and the Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR) for the people who truly love open source technologies, believe in community, enjoy the lively sharing of the community atmosphere of the open source.

1. Event Summary

The conference was attended by a total of 1,108 people on-site, 2,284 participants in the online video broadcast, 5 keynote speeches, 60 gurus delivered 45 speeches, 6 hands-on camps, 5 panel discussions. Notably, there was 50 enthusiastic volunteers from all over China to warmly serve the lecturer and the audience.

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2. Highlights

Gurus gathered and shared

As the host, Dr. Dawu GU, the chairman of the Shanghai branch of the China Computer Federation (CCF) and the professor of the computer department of Shanghai Jiaotong University, made a welcome speech, and Dr. Hongbao HE, the executive vice chairman of the Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR). Breathtakingly, three executives from the world leading open source software foundations, including Nuritzi Sanchez, the chairman of GNOME Foundation, Kylie LIANG, the first Chinese director of the board at FreeBSD Foundation and Niclas Hedhman, the member of Apache Software Foundation were invited to give keynote speech. And Mr. Taiwen HUO, the founder and CEO of Geekbang Technology was also invited to do keynote speech and to the keynoter panel discussion at the end of the morning session.


ASF Challenges

In addition to the above-mentioned gurus, we have also invited 5 native ASF projects (incubation or top-level projects, including CarbonData, Kylin, RocketMQ, Weex, Griffin) to uncover how to be incubated and graduated from the world’s top open source community. We also invited Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi (K.K.), the founder of Jenkins, to share “The hackers got to eat”.

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The Rise of Grassroots

[The rise of grassroots in the Github]: The founders of five well-known open source projects or communities (Beego, Element, Swoole, TiDB, Nuggets) shared their secret of success.

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The Art of Community

[How to run a technical community] breakout session shared the tips of their community operations.

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Open Source Governance - Inconvenient truth revealed

KAIYUANSHE’s unique positioning, open source governance, and the OSS Goverance session is also a climax with many open source governance and community experts share their experience in a very direct and candid fashion.

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A Leading Container Project Announced Open-Sourced

There are many famous open source projects shared their technology inside in the conference. Notably, Alibaba’s container technology Pouch project also officially announced open-sourced in this conference.

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More great topics shown in the list below. The audience can find interested topic in our video broadcast platform on demand.

speakers and talks

3. In the Know

Press Interview

Niclas Hedhmen from ASF and Kohsuke Kawaguchi (K.K.), founder of Jenkins, were interviewed by InfoQ

interview photos

Niclas Hedhman: What open source project does Apache welcome and more?

Kohsuke Kawaguchi: How to make a living from open source project and more. (editing by InfoQ)

Community Manager Roundtable

How does a healthy community operate? What is the ability of the community to contribute back to the people involved? How to help enterprises benefit from open source? How to help individuals get faster growth? What is the difference between the new generation of Github and the traditional foundation model? The leading local community managers, the new generation community model changers and old hackers got together to explore how to develop a better community here in China.

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The Open Source Night

After a long yet bumper harvest day, get relaxed and connected with old and new friends.

open source night photos

At the end of this lovely evening, we presented our special awards to two individuals, Mabel LI and Chunsheng WANG, who have made significant contributions to KAIYUANSHE and the open source communities, with the [Open Source Star] commemorative trophy.

award photos

4. Special Thanks

Community Partners

KAIYUANSHE has positioned itself as the community of communities, and our missions are to promote open source governance, community collaboration/development, and international bridging. We walk the talks by hosting the first national event on the theme of community management and open source project contribution. 25 domestic and international communities have come together hand-in-hand to make the COSCon'17 possible.

Kind greetings from Jim Jagielski

Jim Jagielski, one of the early founder of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), recorded a greeting videos and tweeted for the conference. and the Apache Software Foundation also tweeted!

Jim photo

Media Partners

We work with the leading IT media Geekbang Technology/InfoQ China to promote and to report, with for live video broadcast/replay, with and Linux China on their technical community platform to promote, resulting a total of more than 200,000 participants. Our exclusive registration site Huodongxing has attracted more than 60,000 viewers.

We are also very grateful to our sponsors who supported us to make the conference excel.




The conference is concluded, but our journey has just begun. As the conference organizer, we, KAIYUANSHE’s directors of the board, were worried about whether the main themes of the conference , i.e. the journey to the successful community management and project contribution, could attract the domestic technology-oriented audience. However, the feedbacks we gathered from the conference audience have been quite encouraging. Echoing perfectly the “communities over code” motto advocated by the world leading communities, like ASF, our key themes “China community, global contribution” has been highly recognized by many guru lecturers and picky audience of this conference. This is not only the biggest encouragement to our perseverance in our missions of promoting open source governance, community collaboration and international bridging, but also allows us to continue to move forward with many partners’ support.

Do you want to get the speech slides, shorthand and video playback first-hand (expected to be released November 27)? Please pay special attention to KAIYUANSHE’s Wechat public QR-Code shown below. Do you also want to communicate closely with a large number of guru lecturers? Do you want to participate in the colorful community interaction of KAIYUANSHE? Do you wish to cast your sacred vote for the site selection of the 2018 China Open Source Conference? Simply scan the KAIYUANSHE’s Wechat QR-code and reply “I want to join your community chat group”, you can join the KAIYUANSHE community chat group to have more fun there!

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