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New Apache mailing-list for inter-project communication with a focus on IoT related topics

Published on Monday, Jul 8, 2019 by Christofer Dutz

There’s a lot of magic happening in the IoT sector at the moment. A lot of new projects are appearing and older projects are growing and extending their functionality. We have noticed that it’s currently quite difficult to keep track who the players in this field are and what they’re up to. So we decided to create a new mailing-list to help improve the communication: (Archive at:

We hope this communication-channel will help reduce unnecessary double-work and improve streamlining the projects to work together as good a possible. So if you’re involved in projects in the IoT sector, if you want to be involved and haven’t found the right project to contribute yet, or if you just want to know what’s up, it would be great to see you on this list (Subscribe by sending an email to: