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Mentoring in Formal Education

Some mentees will wish to participate in the Mentoring Programme as part of a formal education course. In these cases there will be additional requirements and process steps to ensure that the mentees can be evaluated by their tutor. This section describes these additional requirements and process.


Projects are defined by the students tutor in consultation with the TLP community/mentors and the student. They will need to be isolated enough from other ongoing work to ensure that success/failure to deliver is not dependent on someone else. They will also need to be of sufficient complexity/simplicity to be a final year project.

Tutors are responsible for the day-to-day management of the student. If the student does not participate in the project it is not a concern of the mentor. The mentor must be available for the tutor should a problem arise and must be willing to mentor the tutor with respect to how they encourage the students to participate.

Roles and Expectations

In addition to the notes found in the Mentoring Programme documentation, consider the following: